Jason Durkee

Jason has more than 25 years experience in the learning and performance field. He is the president of workplace learning and performance consulting firm Idea Development based in Tokyo and a director of ATD Japan. Since the 1990s, he’s designed and delivered cross-cultural awareness, innovation and communication development programs to more than 40,000 participants in Asia.

After observing the positive effects of training he had designed in his client’s companies, he wanted to see how he could elevate those offerings to the next level. With Ian Townley, Jason developed the Practical Training Transfer™ initiative which he hoped would achieve the goal of making more of what was designed in the workplace learning and performance space get used.

Jason has successfully implemented those initiative with clients in Japan, and believes that it’s his goal to help other companies and workplace learning and performance professionals take a share in that success story.

Contact Jason to learn more about PTT™ and how learning transfer can transform how learning gets used in your organisation.