Design Templates

These templates can be used to help optimise your learning design projects.

Choosing the right learning transfer strategy can be tricky and time consuming. To help you take the planning out of creating learning programs, we have developed starter templates. Each template refers to a training category and is explained using a program journey optimised for transfer.

Each template can be downloaded and printed off. Good luck.

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Transfer for Skills Training. Use this template to create a program that needs to build situational skills from core knowledge.

This template covers how to structure the whole learning cycle. It includes what kind of support activities are needed and who should be involved in the development of the learner throughout the cycle.

Transfer for Change Training. This template can be used to create soft skills learning programs that require adoption and change by learners.

Read this if you want to reduce perception barriers to the application of learning. Find out how to increase application through raised levels of confidence in the workplace.

Transfer for Knowledge Training. This template is matched to programs that require the learners to absorb, understand, assimilate, recall and use information.

Use this to develop your knowledge heavy programs. It is designed to provide you with general advice about how to structure the whole learning journey. It includes mechanisms that work best for knowledge recall.

Transfer for Delayed Application of Training. This template talks to the problem of how to maintain skills in a scaled learning environment.

Use this template to design programs from the angle of ‘out of the box’ creative thinking. It includes ways to get your participants maintaining skills and motivation until they need to use them.

Transfer for Habit Training. This template describes how to set up programs that require the habituation of skills.

Use this template to design practice-heavy programs. It’s best applied when you need to transfer soft skills to the workplace. It helps to create immediate impact on job performance.