Making the case for learning transfer

Use our tools to explain what learning transfer is and why it’s important for your company or client.

One of the trickiest aspects of our work is to advocate, support, and get buy-in for new learning concepts. This problem happens because the language of business and learning isn’t clearly aligned. The result is that new ideas are not always adopted by senior decision-makers.

We think that learning transfer improves application rates, boosts ROI and garners a lot of good will. For that reason we have developed some materials that can guide you through the process of getting learning transfer used in your company.

The latest addition to the PTT toolbox is the Design Playbook. It has been created to highlight essential research conducted in our field. It is accompanied with tips and suggestions about how to apply learning transfer, how to boost your standing in the company and how to collaborate with PTT on learning projects.

Use the links below to arm yourself with the tools to make a good case for learning transfer.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION Learning transfer summary videos.

WHITE PAPERS Strategies for adapting learning transfer.

WHY LEARNING TRANSFER SCRIPT Support to help you explain the need for learning transfer.

WHY LEARNING TRANSFER POWER POINT DECK Visual support for making learning transfer’s case.

THE PTT DESIGN FOR APPLICATION PLAYBOOK Academic research about the need for learning transfer and practical tips on how to apply it.

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