Learning workshop scorecard for Marketing and Sales agencies

Marketing and sales agencies occasionally need to provide learning workshops as part of the implementation of client-facing solutions. Most agencies though don’t have expertise in learning design or learning application design. For this reason, despite providing great solutions, agencies have little insight into how effective their training workshops are.

Unfortunately, after training workshops, participants often forget the content, don’t use it effectively on the job and get disappointing results. At PTT, that experience has led us to change our approach to make learning more applicable and relevant to participants and clients to get the best possible results. 

You too could optimise your training offerings to be more actionable and easily applicable in the workplace. The benefit is that you can maintain a healthy margin and client satisfaction and avoid cost add-ons or additional unplanned client requests.

The survey below is directly related to the items that differentiate great training programs from ineffective ones. Take this survey to get insights into how well you are doing now and what you can do to be even better for you and your clients..

Click the link below to take the brief survey and get an immediate scorecard and useful learning design feedback.


Use the contact form to ask questions about the findings you received from the questionnaire.

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