L&D Up-Skilling

Career development for training professionals

The PTT Team Design Program: This program is designed to up-skill emerging or experienced learning design teams. The purpose of this L&D up-skilling program is to enhance design practices. Our goal is to help you show real value to your business leaders. Through this program you and your team will:

  • Apply learning transfer strategies and techniques to a learning design project
  • Create a completed end-to-end learning program, ready to be implemented
  • Create strong team leadership and working practices on learning programs
  • Communicate the value of work efforts to the organisation

The PTT Personal Design Program: This pathway is for learning designers who need to up-skill their use of transfer methodologies in learning projects. This L&D up-skilling program helps you get starting out in the industry or creates an edge in a competitive employment market. Through this program you will:

  • Understand the basic concepts of learning transfer and why it is important to training success
  • Create a project outline, ready to be developed for your organisation
  • Learn how to communicate the effectiveness of PTT design approaches
  • Make all the personal marketing assets that make your LinkedIn page pop

The PTT Team Design Program

This certification has been created to elevate the design skills of professional learning designers or learning design teams to expert level.

The PTT Personal Design Program

This program has been created for learning designers who need to boost their design skills while creating a learning project that leads to results.