Marketing and Sales Agency Learning Designs

Why use practical learning designs to transform client-facing training?

Marketing and sales agencies are tasked with driving business growth and development for clients. What we have seen over the years is that although agency solutions are usually great, the implementation phase done through training is where profit margin and goodwill with the client can come into jeopardy.

This happens when training ‘doesn’t quite land’ and the client seeks further training, a heavier hand in implementation or a review of ‘how things should be done’. This is quite a common issue, not surprisingly because agencies are not experts in learning design or learning application design.

How to design training to improve client satisfaction and protect profit margin?

Practical Training Transfer learning principles are based on methodologies that are rooted in sound scientific theories. Those theories are balanced with our experience of successfully delivering commercial vendor projects that lead to immediate impact in the workflow.

Our goal matches your ambitions to provide first class services through optimising the implementation of your client solutions:

  • Convert marketing and sales solution content into actionable learning content
  • Create interactive learning documents and digital tools
  • Create training activities that leverage science to increase understanding
  • Design support systems that get training used in the workplace
  • Provide meaningful tools for evaluation that enhance training’s impact

How are your client-facing trainings doing?

Take the Learning workshop scorecard for marketing and sales agencies to see how your client-facing training efforts perform, and get advice about how to improve.

PTT Digital-First approach to training

PTT hosts and delivers it’s training through Promote online, mobile-first digital learning platform. Your agency too can benefit from this industry-leading learning experience platform. The main features of Promote are:

  • Seamlessly move your classroom training to a virtual classroom
  • Design or re-design your classroom training programs for online learning
  • Get PTT expert assistance on virtual training to help you get on the right digitalisation track

Learn more about Promote and how it benefits +2500 customers in more than 25 countries.

PTT evaluation approach that complement marketing and sales solutions

At PTT we evaluate training results using The Success Case Method developed by Professor Robert Brinkerhoff. We leverage marketing survey and interview methods to answers the question: ‘Who has been successful applying the training we designed and why?’. The approach and the answers you get from the success case method is highly popular with clients, managers, and company leaders:

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  • Simple – the process is easy to implement and uses real business language instead of abstract learning ideas
  • Actionable – it looks at what can be achieved and why those achievements matter
  • Persuasive – it demonstrates the value of designing for workplace application

PTT can partner with you to create Success Case Method style evaluations that prove to your clients the value of accelerated learning design principles and throws weight behind your solutions.

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