Practical Innovation Techniques

The PTT Practical Innovation Techniques accelerator program is for every employee who needs to make a meaningful contribution to their job, develop portable skills and get ahead. It runs asynchronously via the Promote Learning Platform. We optimise practical techniques to get you using innovation skills immediately and create learning designed specifically for you. The program runs over 4 modules and is designed for immediate application in virtual meetings. 

Program content

The program focuses on three fundamental elements to get you innovating from day one:

  • Identify Needs: Understand the real problem or need that leads to success
  • Generate Ideas: Quickly think of many wide-ranging creative ideas
  • Take Action: Start quickly and keep moving to implement ideas for success

This program is divided into the following essential themes:

  • Orientation – Understand the why, what and how of innovation
  • Needs – Learn macro and micro techniques to identify meaningful needs that stakeholders will value
  • Ideas – Generate a wide variety of useful yet original ideas
  • Action – Overcome procrastination and use prototypes to quickly innovate towards success

*Through this program you’ll apply the techniques to real, on the job problems to develop confidence and competency while driving immediate business results

What learners will learn and leave with

At the end of this program learners will leave with a successfully implemented, original solution to a real on the job problem. Also, you will be ready to implement the following skills on other projects:

  • Combine many different techniques to identify unarticulated needs
  • Use idea generation techniques to quickly produce a wide variety of practical yet original ideas
  • Start quickly and confidently, then adjust to changes in real time to meet goals and get results

Who should attend

The learning in this accelerator program has been created for: 

  • Anyone who needs to innovate or think creatively
  • Employees who want to become more competitive and flexible

Sign up

The program fee is (GBP) £1250 per person*. For that, you will leave with a new skills and knowledge ready to be immediately implemented with confidence in your innovation.

Use the contact form to ask us anything about the program, sign up or get the next program start date.

Download the program brochure here.

*Please note that fees are subject to relevant VAT or GST rules.