Discover how you can create bespoke learning solutions that lead to real business results through partnering with us.

We offer a range of consulting services that best suit your particular needs and can assist with the improvement of existing courses to include learning transfer where little or no transfer previously existed.

You can partner with us to design new programs that utilize learning transfer from the ground up, and we can guide you through the process of optimizing a suite of learning products to include strategic learning transfer solutions that reflect your broader organizational needs. 

Our consulting approach is summarized below to enable you to choose the approach which best suits your immediate and future needs.

Learn more about our consulting approach and how you can decide which package is best for you, below. 

Program Advice

Submit your program for assessment and receive back a guide on how to modify it including all relevant aspects of learning transfer.

Program Design

We design an entire program up to and including the proposal phase with recommendations for development and roll out.

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