Program Design

The Program Design consulting service gives you a fully completed program architecture package including all relevant learning transfer mechanisms that gets your people and business using learning quickly and efficiently in the workflow.

The video below explains how this service works, with additional information further down the page.

Project Scope

We’ll confirm early the scope and outcome of the program and make sure it fits your organisational needs. Once this is confirmed we start the program design process, with full disclosure. The final outcome of the project is to create a complete design document and proposal which you can use to market and develop your program.

Project Steps

There are typically five steps to completing this consulting package successfully:

  • Project orientation meeting to confirm scope and output
  • Create an initial program including learning transfer
  • Discuss the overall plan so far and which adjustments need to be made
  • Refine program with complete design document
  • Discuss the program development details and rollout plan

Project Output

You can expect to receive the following documents from the design proposal consulting package:

  • Full design brief including organisational needs confirmation
  • Program proposal including all learning outcomes, application to work and business rationale
  • Complete design documents with all learning and learning transfer design clearly described
  • Advice on how to develop your design document into a complete program

Costs and Next Steps

The cost of this package is priced at (GBP) £10,000 per project*. Based on one consultant staffed on the project.

Use the contact form to arrange a personal call to decide which consulting package is right for you, and to receive a sample report.

*Please note that fees are subject to relevant VAT or GST rules.

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