Custom blended learning design

Transform your training business through cutting edge designs

Using proven learning science and learning experience technology to elevate your learning programs.

Designing for business results

The Practical Training Transfer way of designing learning programs is rooted in sound scientific theories balanced with the experience of successfully delivering commercial projects that clients agree lead to immediate impact in the workflow.

Our goals match yours as a vendor of training services. Strategies that drive your business:

  • Creating programs that optimise learning transfer
  • Reducing time from training to application
  • Achieving your client’s business and goals

Prize-winning online learning platform

PTT creates learning designs that achieve the full value of your training investment through the online learning transfer platform, Promote. The main features of Promote are:

  • Seamlessly move your classroom training to a virtual classroom
  • Design or re-design your classroom training programs for online learning
  • Get PTT expert assistance on virtual training to help you get on the right digitalisation track

Learn more about Promote and how its benefitting +2500 customers in more than 25 countries.

Agile evaluation methods

We advocate an agile approach to evaluating the effects of training, known as The Success Case Method devised by Robert Brinkerhoff. This method answers the question: ‘who has been successful applying the training we designed and why?’. The approach and the answers you get from the success case method is particularly popular with line managers and company leaders because its:

  • Simple – the process is easy to implement and uses real business language instead of abstract learning ideas
  • Actionable – it looks at what can be achieved and why those achievements matter
  • Persuasive – it demonstrates the value of designing for application

PTT is able to help you create Success Case Method style evaluation and advise on how to write the reports that managers understand and can buy into. This strategy helps you design better learning that demonstrates value to your clients where the information is easily gathered through Promote.

Contact us to learn how you can benefit from collaborating with PTT

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