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At Practical Training Transfer we believe that success can be achieved through personal development and training. That is why we have created pathways to success through our development for training professionals programs and training for managers and leaders.

Career development for training professionals

The PTT Team Design Program: This program is designed for emerging or experienced learning design teams. The purpose of this program is to foster cohesive design practices that can be easily applied to learning projects and show real value to your business leaders. Through this program you and your team will:

  • Gain a deep understanding of how to apply learning transfer strategies and techniques
  • Create a completed end-to-end learning program ready to be implemented in a work project
  • Create strong team leadership and working practices on learning programs that get results
  • Communicate the value of work efforts to the organisation

The PTT Personal Design Program: This pathway is ideal for learning designers who want to get a grounding in learning transfer methodologies and use them in real projects. It’s best for designers who are starting out or are looking for an edge in a competitive employment market. Through this program you will:

  • Understand the basic concepts of learning transfer and why it is important to training success
  • Create a project outline ready to be developed in your organisation
  • Learn how to communicate the effectiveness of PTT design approaches
  • Make all the personal marketing assets that make your LinkedIn page pop

Management and Leadership Training programs

Our training programs optimise the PTT methodology to make sure that all learning is: timely, useful, actionable and learning-transfer proof. These targeted solutions boost the skills of managers and leaders in a meaningful and relevant way while reducing the risk-factor of implementing training. Our designs increase the likelihood that learning will be transferred into workplace application and therefore positive results for your company.

Training Programs

Access PTT online programs to boost your management, team playing or leadership skills. All programs are ethical, remotely accessible and immediately actionable.

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