Online PTT Certification™

This course optimizes the use of an online learning tool, to bring you content that can be worked through at your pace combined with live sessions with a PTT™ expert. Our course is fully optimized for learning transfer, and is designed to be useful, relevant, and immediately actionable in actual work.

Course content

The whole program comprises of 5 coaching sessions with a PTT™ expert. During these sessions you will focus on answering the difficult questions surrounding learning transfer and application of PTT™ theories.

Offline you’ll work through the activities step by step and at your pace using a work sample from your job. You’ll also have direct access to your expert through the Promote platform. We’ll support you individually throughout the learning process at every step to make sure that your investment in this course pays dividends for you.

There are written and video resources. You’ll be given tools and templates to help with your future application of PTT™ concepts, and there will be plenty of opportunities to test your ideas with the expert.

What you will learn and leave with

Our intention throughout this process is to make sure that you leave with a completed project ready to be used in your company or with your clients. To get that happening we’ll go through the following steps:

  • What learning transfer is and why it’s essential for the application of learning
  • Description of PTT™ concepts, what they are, how they’re used, and when they’re relevant
  • Analysis of the transfer issues in your project mapped to PTT™ concepts
  • Investigation of how to optimise your project for learning transfer
  • Construction of a final training project with full learning transfer capability

Who should attend

We have optimized the learning in this program for the following groups of people:

  • Learning designers with a passion for getting real results from learning
  • HR practitioners who want to discover how learning transfer can drive people development
  • Managers at any level of the organization who want their team members to excel through application of learning

Sign up

The course fee is US$2495 per person*. For that you’ll leave with a project ready to be implemented in real work.

You must have questions, so use the contact form to ask us anything about the course. We promise to answer all questions as quickly as possible.

You can also use the form to sign up and request a course date.

*Please note that fees are subject to relevant VAT or GST rules.

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