Manager as a Strategic Learning Partner

The PTT Manager as a Strategic Learning Partner program is designed for managers to level up their knowledge and skills in the area of team development and performance improvement delivered through manager support. It runs asynchronously via the Promote Learning Platform where individual learners access the portal to gain knowledge, learn how to apply new skills in the workplace and get support using learning transfer techniques and person-to-person interactions designed specifically for them. It runs over a period of 4 weeks and is fully designed for application with measurable outcomes matched to pre-determined performance expectations. 

Program content

The program works along three tailored streams designed to optimise knowledge and skills acquisition and application of training to real work situations, namely to become a focal point for the development of team members through support and application of training programs. 

Stream 1: This stream is for existing managers who need to take the step up to becoming higher level decision-makers in senior roles. The stream works in a project format where team collaboration and shared goals help managers achieve a higher level of cooperation and support skills to balance out already solid planning and communication skills. This stream is ideal for managers who want to turn their ideas into reality through delegation of tasks and team support tactics

Stream 2: This stream is for existing managers who need to consolidate their communication and support capability within a team setting. Managers combine their coordination and collaboration skills with knowledge from the program to provide better planning and communication for teams to develop and grow. The focus of this stream is to take management best practices and plan how to apply them directly to ongoing work. Those plans are followed up by a review and iteration process to make sure that managers can expand their knowledge and skills

Stream 3: This stream is for new managers who need to learn management best practices in the key areas of Planning, Communication, Team support and Activity coordination. The stream is set up to allow new managers to learn and practice new skills in a safe environment with the support of a mentor. As this stream is delivered through a cohort, new managers would be given the scope and facilities to learn from each other in a peer-to-peer environment to ensure that they are ready to hit the ground running when asked to lead team. 

What managers will learn and leave with

At the end of this program managers will leave ready to use skills and knowledge immediately in daily work. They will be ready to implement the following essential skills:

  • Assess learning programs for team members suitability, manager support, support for manager
  • Input personal expertise for learning program design and set up for success
  • Plan for program marketing and support communication for learners
  • Support learners where necessary through programs using coaching, feedback, monitoring, etc.

Who should attend

The learning in this program has been created for: 

  • Existing managers who want to take the next step to higher level decision-making and promotion
  • Existing managers who need to consolidate their skills through enhancing team development capabilities
  • Newly-promoted managers who need a solid grounding in management best practices and team building skills

Sign up

The course fee is (GBP) £xxx per person*. For that managers will leave with a new skills and knowledge ready to be immediately implemented with confidence in real work.

You must have questions, so use the contact form to ask us anything about the course. We promise to answer all questions as quickly as possible.

You can also use the form to sign up and request a program date.

*Please note that fees are subject to relevant VAT or GST rules.

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