The PTT Personal Design Program

The PTT Personal Design Program has been created for learning designers who need to boost their design skills while creating a learning project that leads to results. Through the program you will use the learning content to create your own virtual learning project that can be rolled out as soon as your program with PTT ends. Your project will include appropriate learning transfer solutions and be designed with your learners in mind. The whole program is delivered asynchronously with coaching support through the Promote Learning Platform.

In addition, the program has been set up for you to showcase your skills in the job market through the creation of assets that prospective employers and clients viewing LinkedIn insist on before hiring new staff.

Program content

The program includes 2 live coaching sessions with a PTT expert and an additional 3 online coaching feedback touchpoints. Your coach will help you to understand how PTT learning transfer methodologies can be applied to your project, and give you substantial start-up and wrap-up advice.

Offline you’ll work through the activities step by step, at your own pace, applying the learning directly to a project to be used your company. From time to time your expert will give you feedback on activities through the Promote platform. We’ll support you individually throughout the learning process at every step to make sure that you leave with a completed project.

At each stage you will create a new asset that can be uploaded to your LinkedIn page to show your personal progress through the program, and your professional progress to a new job.

There are written and video resources. You’ll be given tools and templates to help with your future application of PTT methodologies, and there will be opportunities to test your ideas with your PTT expert.

What you will learn and leave with

At the end of this program you leave with a learning project ready to be developed for use in your company and assets to showcase your talents on LinkedIn. You’ll go through the following steps:

  • Learn the basics about learning transfer and how it is applied to learning projects
  • Describe the PTT methodologies, what they are, how they’re used
  • Analyse your project for learning transfer problems
  • Create simple solutions to overcome learning transfer problems in your project
  • Design a training project with learning transfer capability

Who should attend

The learning in this program is best suited to learning designers with a passion for getting real results from learning.

Sign up

The course fee is (GBP) £995 per person*. For that you’ll leave with a project ready to be implemented in real work.

You must have questions, so use the contact form to ask us anything about the course. We promise to answer all questions as quickly as possible.

You can also use the form to sign up and request a program date.

*Please note that fees are subject to relevant VAT or GST rules.

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