White Papers

These white papers summarise our research and can help you describe the need for learning transfer in your organisation and how to effectively use it.

Read or download PDFs here that describe Practical Training Transfer™ in more detail. Each paper looks at a specific concept and learning transfer ideas. We recommend that you choose papers that can assist you to upgrade learning transfer designs relevant to your current needs rather than look at each paper in sequence. Each paper explains our theories with examples that occur commonly in L&D designs. The papers include simplified transfer design plans to help you visualise how each concept works in practice.

Use the contact form to ask us for more information about how to explain the need for and the use of learning transfer practices in your designs.

Knowledge transfer is essential for a huge proportion of training globally. Science and experience tells us that remembering all that we learn is difficult without help.

This paper looks at how you can use PTT™ techniques to get people remembering and applying more learning in the workplace. It includes novel techniques for creating impactful reminder schemes.

Habituation learning transfer refers to the process of habituating a collection of small but connected skills to create a composite skill set.

This paper outlines what constitutes a habit in terms of a larger skill set and includes some strategies for teaching and embedding habits that once honed become automatic responses.

Preparation learning transfer is concerned with the need to delay application of learning and therefore maintain skills until needed.

This paper looks at why learning application is sometimes delayed and some of the strategies employed to maintain skills over time, including how to think out of the box when it comes to learning design.

Perceptions learning transfer covers an approach that aims to reduce or eliminate the psychological barriers that inhibit the application of skills in the workplace.

This paper is for you if you have programs that need PTT™ techniques to help you optimise the learning transfer of essential soft skills through breaking down psychological barriers.

Situational learning transfer is a strategy for leveraging the time and skills of managers to best support certain training through their involvement in the transfer process. 

This paper explains the why and when of manager involvement and helps you optimize manager’s time and influence on a learning transfer project.

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