ATD ICE is almost here.. PTT will be there, will you? No?… No problem, we’ve got you covered.

ICE is the world’s largest talent development conference. This year Jason Durkee and I have been invited to give a session on learning transfer. To support our session, we wrote an article about the concepts and methods we advocate for creating meaningful learning journeys, which you can read here.

The session itself will be held on the first day so no chance missing it through conference burn out. This is where you can find us if you’ll be there.

But how do we have you covered if you can’t make it to D.C.? We’ll be attending sessions every day and posting video summaries of what’s new, what’s hot and what’s not. You can catch these summaries through our blog, so keep an eye open for daily updates between May 19th and 22nd.

Hope to see you there, but if you can’t make it check out the summaries, and enjoy.

If you have any questions about ATD ICE, our articles, how to watch the video summaries from D.C., or anything about PTT, please drop us a line in the contact box.

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