ATD ICE 2023 – Practical Training Transfer is speaking!

Hi Everyone

It’s almost time for ATD ICE 2023 in San Diego. Here are a couple of quick but important announcements from Ian and Jason.

First is that we have been asked back to speak again, and couldn’t be more thrilled to be taking the stage this year. This year’s topic is: Innovate! Proven Methods to Drive Innovation Skills and Revitalise Training. I hope you’ll join us for a day of fun AND learning with your talent and development peers.

It’s on the Future Readiness track, and you can find us in Room 11, on Sunday 21st at 3pm. Hope to see you there.

Second is that we’ll be doing a round up of the best of the sessions we attend after the conference has finished. So, look out for that here or on YouTube.

Third and most important. We are offering a FREE.. that’s right, FREE follow-up program to help you all get the most out of the conference. The full details are explained by Jason in the video below. Definitely take advantage of that if you want to use the conference purpose well in your work.

See you in San Diego. ATD ICE 2023 website.

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