Convert Learning into Action – An article for ATD’s TD Magazine

Our first official printed published article, ‘Convert Learning into Action’, is now published on the ATD website. We’re very proud to be accepted for that, and for the chance to share the themes of why learning doesn’t get used, what the barriers to learning application are, and how to design solutions that overcome typical barriers. 

The article is is now available to read on Association for Talent Development website, and will be published in the December 2019 edition of the TD magazine. If you are an ATD member you can also download the digital magazine to your smart device from next week.

In the article we talk about the general themes of why learning transfer is essential, and give some practical hints about how to optimise learning for transfer. There are also three real-life cases studies presented as evidence that focus on knowledge training, skills training and mind-set training which we hope will resonate with you. 

Finally, if you like this article, please spread the word through social media, make comments and likes on the ATD website, and leave us your thoughts here too.

Thanks and enjoy.

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