Focus on Performance at ATD ICE 2019 – Day 2 summary from Washington D.C.

Hey everyone, we’re back, and here is the summary video for the sessions we attended on ATD ICE, day 2. Our special guest speaker was Rob Brinkerhoff, who talked about learning measurement. Thanks Rob.

I spoke about the evidence for learning transfer through a case study into sales training. The session I attended on that topic threw up some pretty interesting findings.

Jason talked about Rob’s and Edward’s session on high performance learning journeys. Check that out for ‘how to’ information on designing learning journeys.

We keep getting people coming up to us and saying ‘great session on Sunday”, so thanks again to everyone who attended for making it a great session. Drop me a line if you’d like to get a digital copy of the handout, or if you have any questions.

Enjoy and we’ll be back again with a new summary tomorrow.

If you have any questions about ATD ICE, how to watch the video summaries from D.C., or anything about PTT, please drop us a line in the contact box.

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