PTT Quarterly Review – Edition 1, April-June 2019

Hi everyone The PTT Quarterly review is now ready to download and read. It includes four main parts:

  1. What PTT did over the last three months
  2. What we saw in the industry that is worth looking at more
  3. What’s coming up this quarter for PTT
  4. The Learning Transfer Benchmark report

The review is below but the quick summary is that we spoke at ATD ICE in Washington D.C. in May and followed that up with a trip to Stockholm to see our friends at Promote International to open their event with our keynote speech.

We’ve got things to recommend such as books to read and courses you should take, so check those out. We are also still attending some events such as Fast Co. Innovation festival in Milan, and will be writing some more publications for ATD.

The biggest news though is that we did our first benchmarking report. We won’t give the game away here, because it is worth reading, and hopefully contributing to when we make the announcement for you to help us out.

OK.. we hope you enjoy the review. Let us know what you think.

>>>Click the image to download the report

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