We’re back after the holidays and featured in the ATD highlights blog

Hi everyone. We hope you all had a great summer. We’re back from our holidays and are excited to see that ATD has featured our Quarterly review and research article in their highlights blog.

If you haven’t seen it already, our Quarterly review magazine looks at all the activity we did at PTT over the last quarter, and looks forward to the next, with hints and tips for books to read, courses to take, events to attend, and of course public speaking that we did.

In the last Quarterly review we also included our benchmark survey details. We’re looking for people to contribute to the workplace data that informs the effectiveness of learning transfer. If you haven’t done it then we hope you will. In return we’ll send you a personalised report once all the data is in.

Here is the link to the ATD Highlights Blog.

As usual thanks for reading and look out for more interesting stuff showing up in your inbox from us.

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