Fast Company Innovation Festival 2019, Final wrap up video

Hi everyone. Thanks for watching our Fast Co. Innovation festival videos each day. We hope that you got something valuable from them. One additional thing we’d like to report back is how we used the event to do two important things.

First, we brought a client with us so that they could experience the same event as us. The people from the client side were all taking part in a year-long innovation program, and the festival was one piece of that.

Second, the participation in the festival was optimised for learning transfer according to PTT methods. You can see a quick visual representation of the Fast Co. portion below.

For a more in depth explanation about what it was, why we did it, and what the results were, check the video.

If you have any questions about the Fast Co. Innovation Festival, the content from the video, or want to learn more about PTT, drop us a message or a comment. Thanks.

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