Technical advice for transitioning learning to a virtual classroom

As with everyone else from the start of the pandemic we at PTT have been scrambling to move our learning into the virtual space. Fortunately, we were able to tap into the expertise of people who had worked professionally in the world of live broadcast and performance. Sam Doerr is our sound and vision guru based in Tokyo and he’s been helping us navigate through the minefield of creating rich environments online that are manageable and effective while not breaking the bank.

In the first of three interviews looking at how to move your classroom training into the virtual space while maintaining value and effectiveness, Sam tells us how to set up the room, use sound, cameras and lighting, and how to work effectively with a producer.

This is worth looking at if you’re trying to do what we did and react to client needs quickly. Note the difference in quality between my amateur set up and what Sam was able to create.

Thanks Sam for your valuable advice. Look out for next week’s video interview on how to design training for the virtual classroom.

If you have any questions or want to tap into our virtual design expertise, please drop us a line in the box on the right.

Good luck with your virtual training efforts and feel free to share and like this post.

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