How to start designing learning for the virtual classroom

One of the challenges we faced when almost all classroom training got cancelled this spring was to transfer the training that survived into the virtual environment. To do that effectively we had to consider how virtual sessions should be designed practically, what kind of activities get the best results when done virtually, how to apply PTT methods to virtual learning and what kind of learning blend makes best sense. In the end, things worked out much better than we expected.

In the second of three interviews looking at how to move your classroom training into the virtual space while maintaining value and effectiveness, Jason tells us how to design training for sessions and how to create learning programs that get learning transferred into on the job results.

This is worth looking at if you also want to create valuable virtual learning. This video is about 35 minutes, so to make it easier to grab the information you want move the play points to these times:

Designing for virtual sessions: 4 minutes, 19 seconds

Virtual training for results: 12 minutes, 15 seconds

PTT-style design-focused learning: 17 minutes, 26 seconds

Blended learning approaches: 27 minutes, 21 seconds

Thanks Jason for your valuable advice. Look out for next week’s video interview on how to create online assets without breaking the bank.

If you have any questions or want to tap into our virtual design expertise, please drop us a line in the box on the right.

Good luck with your virtual training efforts and feel free to share and like this post.

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