Focus on Performance at ATD ICE 2019 – Day 4 summary from Washington D.C.

Good afternoon. Today is our last summary video for ATD ICE 2019. Our special guest speakers were Jon Serrander and Michael Winton from Promote, who talked about the limitations and expectations for technology in learning.

Jason talked about performance and how hard strategies can lead to soft results in a very difficult to change business environment.

Finally, I summarised the topic of learning journeys, which occupied the best of this week’s sell-out sessions.

That’s it from ATD ICE for this year. We hope you enjoyed our little summaries, but more importantly got something useful out of them.

Thanks and goodbye from Washington.

If you have any questions about ATD ICE, how to watch the video summaries from D.C., or anything about PTT, please drop us a line in the contact box.

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