PTT webcast in collaboration with ATD ready to be viewed on their website

Hi all.

We recently had an opportunity with the Association for Talent development to deliver a webcast on the topic: A step-by-step guide to transferring learning into performance. The recording has been released which, if you are an ATD member, you can access below, including the slides. Here is a copy of the session description:

“Workplace learning is rapidly changing to a 21st-century-style learning program delivery approach. Employees are seeking opportunities to grow their personal skill set, and companies are noticing the value of switching from a behavior change model to a task optimization model. Learning transfer achieves that change of style and realizes the goal of designing for application.

You will learn the basics of learning transfer, including evidence that it is a necessary part of design. You will discover the application of learning in the workplace and discover through the analysis of a case study that there are categories of learning transfer problems that lead to actionable solutions.”

Here is the link:

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