Why Moving Classroom Training to Virtual now is Exactly the Right Time

Recent global health events are creating tension in companies all over the world about what to do with training sessions. The worry is that getting people to travel and be in closed rooms together, sometimes for several days, could exacerbate the spread of the Coronavirus.

You’re probably thinking about cancelling or postponing training. But is this really a good idea? The economic impact of the virus is going to be huge if companies can’t keep working as normally as possible.

What we’ve done in this post is to explain how, under a lot of pressure and time constraints, we fulfilled urgent client requests to adapt classroom sessions into virtual and remote learning quickly and effectively.

This is definitely an article for you if you’re also under pressure to cancel, postpone or modify training. Read on for practical tips and advice about how to manage training in the current situation.

You can read the article here about how to convert classroom training into remote learning.

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