Moving from managing in a crisis to planning for the long term success

As the world continues to adapt to how the 2020 pandemic has affected our lives, we as learning designers also need to adapt. The way that people will work in the future is changing, and that will have an impact on learning too. In this article we look at three important aspects affected by changing demands:

How people will work and learn in the new environment. Although no-one really know what that will look like, a picture is emerging which is starting to show us the way forward.

What kind of blend of learning will be important when people are working in different locations. Location and access to learning is becoming more relevant as technology has caught up to expectations.

Why learning transfer is not only important but integral to learning program design. This is especially crucial when people work remotely or alone.

This is a worthwhile read for you if you’d like to know how to adapt your learning designs to accommodate new working styles, optimise your offerings for application and increase your visibility in the organisation.

You can read the article here about how to create learning to fit long term planning strategies.

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