The PTT Design for Application Playbook

Welcome to 2021 everyone. While it hasn’t been a great start to the year, we’re all hoping for good times ahead, vaccine and social distancing measures permitting. To get everyone going and because we really value your support we’ve created the PTT design for application playbook. The playbook is a pretty decent summary of industry-accepted research explaining briefly the need for learning transfer with practical tips from us on how to use it.

We’ve included the playbook in the ‘Making the case for learning transfer’ toolbox where you can find other great resources on the why, how and when of learning transfer. We hope that the playbook and the other tools will be of some use to you all in the early part of this year while everyone is looking to optimise their learning offerings for the new workplace.

If you have any questions about what the research is, how to include learning transfer in your designs or want to learn more about how to leverage PTT to boost your personal skill-set drop Ian or Jason a direct message here using the contact form and we’ll be only too happy to chat with you.

You can grab your PTT Design for Application Playbook here.

Good luck for 2021

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